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5 End-of-Year Teacher Gifts to Show Your Gratitude

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Once again, the school year is coming to a close, and you and the other children’s parents are chatting about what kind of gifts you’ll give the teacher to show your appreciation. Should everyone pool their money and buy a

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New and Improved FamilyLifeExpo.com!

FamilyLifeExpo.com is excited to announce our new website design, featuring more user-friendly navigation, improved functionality, social media integration and aesthetically formatted, searchable resource details to better aid families in finding local resources meeting the needs of varied situations. Founder, Kim

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Vacation Sweepstakes Finalists Announced!


We are excited to announce 30 finalists have been selected for the Walt Disney World vacation sweepstakes!   Amber Guscott, Billings Angie Stokes, Billings Bob Garritsoy, Billings Brenda Cowie, Billings Brittany Lanaghan, Billings Christine Malchuski, Billings Derek Munquia, Billings Elizabeth

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Vacation Sweepstakes Winners Selected at a ZooMontana Day of Free Family Fun


Mark your calendars for a free family fun day at ZooMontana, this summer on July 22, when Family Life Expo is holding our drawing to select the winning family for the Disney World vacation sweepstakes. [big full="false" top="false"]ZooMontana, July 22,

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